Very exciting post this morning – just got a dvd from Tony Yeadon at Serendipity Pictures. A few weeks ago we went to Vale Wildlife Rescue to film this short piece with a hope of getting a commission … and I thought it would be fun to let more than just a few commissioning editors have a look.

Very rarely have I done anything quite like this – and I am learning. So, I would welcome comments and criticism – there is no point me pursuing this if the general consensus is that I will just frighten livestock.

So have a look, and please let me know. And if you are a commissioning editor … give Serendipity a call!

And to make it absolutely clear … this is PRETEND … I picked the hedgehog up as soon as I had finished and it went back in to the rescue centre. Hedgehogs out in the day are probably poorly (or being used as a stunt animal in a hedgehog-related drama).


Just had a great morning at Vale Wildlife Rescue filming a taster dvd that a company is going to use to try and persuade the BBC (or anyone else who is interested) in commissioning us to head off to China in search of Hugh’s Hedgehog (and if you have not read my book (shame on you) then I will not spoil the surprise – but there genuinely is a species of hedgehog called hugh – Hemiechinus hughi to be precise.)

Vale have got an open day on Sunday 6th June. I was there last year and will be there again this year, giving a couple of talks and generally helping their fund-raising effort (I have been elevated to the status of Patron, which is very flattering).

And here are a few of the photos of my stunt hedgehog (well, as the observant of you will notice, two different stunt ‘hogs).