Luv Song

How could I not know that the great Benjamin Zephaniah had written a poem about a hedgehog? Why is this not major news?

Okay – it was actually published in 1994, so possibly I missed the press release – but even so it was a delightful surprise to start getting emails from friends telling me that I should get the latest issue of Resurgence. I love the magazine but have stopped reading it due to the volume of other material I get … so it was lovely to have the excuse to wallow in its pages once more. There is a very pretty little illustration with it as well which I copy here from Stu Jones’ website (and I will remove it once I get the answer I am seeking … there is a mission behind this posting …. )

But to the poem, it starts:

Luv Song

I am in luv wid a hedgehog

I’ve never felt this way before

I have luv fe dis hedgehog

An everyday I luv her more an more

And it goes on – and I love it as he loves the hedgehog … and I am wondering whether we can do something with this like we did a few posts ago with the amazing Turkish artist Elvan Alpay … with that post I asked if there was anyone who knew anyone who might know her and within 36 hours I was in email touch thanks to my brother in law … so … using the Kevin Bacon game principle that we are all interconnected … could we see how long it takes me to get in touch with Benjamin Zephaniah? I have been to his website and I can approach him through an agent, but I am sure that someone I know knows someone who knows someone who knows Benjamin! So spread the word … and see if it works again! Thanks.


Google alerts can be wonderful – through them I have found reviews of my book, references to articles I have written, and, of course, lots and lots of stuff about hedgehogs. And this morning, a new one … one that, if I had not finished my porridge, would have left me spluttering gluey oats into my beard and across the computer screen.

Who do you think is in need of a social networking facility? Which portion of society has been so left out that it needs its own platform to share and hold e-hands across the vast distances of cyber-space?

Bankers and hedge-fund managers … and they have taken the url …. oh, this bit makes me feel more than a little sick …. …. and what is even more galling about this is that I missed the url … and it is in the hands of a bunch of people who are managing to do more than anyone else to further the destruction of the lives and habitats of my beloved creatures.

What can I do, other than to grind my teeth and shake my fist in futile fury at the computer?

ps – I remembered a book review I wrote that explains a little why the very rich are so linked to the destruction of the hedgehog (well, I don’t think I actually mention hedgehogs in the review … but you get the point). The book was ‘How the rich are destroying the earth’ by Herve Kempf.