My computer keeps suggesting I write something in the About bit of my blog … so here goes.

I am a writer/ecologist/photographer/parent – the order of those things changes dramatically from day-to-day. For example, I am writing this over half term – my wife, Zoe, is on a rigid inflatable boat in the Thames estuary, learning how to stay safe at high speed while filming – so I am a full time dad today. Well, not totally, as I have grabbed a moment to write this while the radio rather beautifully accompanies me with the Four Last Songs of Ricard Strauss … typing gets harder through a glaze of tears.

What I do? Well, I wrote a book about hedgehogs (and if you are reading this, but have not yet got it, I would like to know why!) that was the culmination of over 20 years work as a hedgehog ecologist and campaigner. I have another book or two bubbling around in me, though at the moment it feels rather like indigestion as I wait for a publisher to fully appreciate the value of my ideas! I have a website that is a bit static – but does have more information about my work –

Interests – from the earliest time I have been fascinated by wildlife. My second ever crush was Jane Goodall (after Kate Bush). Another passion is music – hence the delight at finding the Four Last Songs on the radio. I might, sometime, list some of my favourite pieces of music … in fact, here are a few:

der Rosenkavelier, Tristan und Isolde (my boy’s name is Tristan), Bruckner’s 7th, Brahms’ German Requiem, Mahler … 5th probably, Beethoven … well, one of my perfect memories of Matilda was dancing to the 7th with her on my shoulders. Oh – this list could go on for a very long time. Just a parting musical note – a friend of mine is finishing a film – Following the Ninth.

My body is beginning to interfere with some of my other passions – squash and ultimate frisbee are both now only reduced to occasional indulgences, with long recovery times. I am trying to meet some of my needs through 5 Rhythms dancing … have not been often yet, but it might just do. I want to live near a surf-beach (or rather, I wish that Oxford was near a surf-beach).

Mati and Pip (Tristan’s more usual name) have been quiet for too long – I must go investigate – but there is some idea of me … am more than happy for people who know me to add more detail!



17 Responses to “Stuff about me …”

  1. Sally Says:

    In the latest BHPS newsletter you refer to a Hedgehog song by the Incredible String Band.
    How can I get a copy of the song – sheet form and recording.

  2. Mary Shapiro Says:

    I am from Detroit, Michigan, USA and my 19 year old son and I love hedgehogs. We had our hedgie, Binky, for three years and we can’t wait to see her again on the other side.

    I just found out about you and your book. My son is writing a research paper for his university and it is on hedgehogs. I will be buying your book today to use as a reference.

    I just love people who love hedgehogs! Hedgehogs Rule!!!

  3. ughsome Says:

    I must say I really love your blog! 🙂

      1. ughsome Says:

        by the way, i made a collage hedgehog- here it is (i might have commented with this link before but i seriously doubt it!) Now thinking up new collages involving new scenarios with the hedgehog!

  4. Barb Ringlein Says:

    Hi Hugh,
    My computer went on the fritz. What to do? Think The Force was with me because out of all the books in the library `The Hedgehog’s Dilemma’found me. The seed has been planted again here in Michigan. My sis kept (no better word for it) a hedgie. Prefer my Michigan `hedgies’ to run free (street wise little schmunkies)and the many varieties of squirrels keep the spirit of the hedgehog and nature alive for all of us grappling with this `Dilemma’. Thanks for choosing this particular life path and especially for sharing.

  5. maggie Says:

    have an injured hedgehog what i do not getting much joy from RSPCA

    1. hedgehoghugh Says:

      Hi Maggie – have emailed you too – but I direct you to:

      as a good starting point to find your nearest hedgehog carer

      good luck


  6. Good morning Hugh,
    It is slightly off topic but I am not sure if you will have seen in the news about a remarkable little boy, Jack Henderson in East Lothain, who in the last few months has raised £25,000 for the Edinburgh Sick Kids hospital through drawing
    Jack, just like you and I, is a MASSIVE hedgehog fan – his self designed logo is of a hedgehog, they are his favourite of all animals. I commissioned a fantastic drawing of my hedgehog Alice visiting the pyramids – here are Jack’s commissioned hedgehog’s pictures:
    I am sure Jack would love to hear from a hedgehog expert like yourself and wondered if you would be open to promote his cause/ send him hedgehog goodies…?
    Hope you don’t mind me asking!

  7. Marie D'Amico Says:

    My daughter, Emma Capps, publishes a weekly webcomic called The Chapel Chronicles and in Chapter 4 (the Elegance of the Hedgehog), the main character adopts a hedgehog who becomes her companion. Check it out – it’s witty and cute.

  8. JAZ Says:

    Thanks for your awesome blog. I’m a fan of UK hedgehogs (having spent many hours on my belly on my ex-mum-in-law’s conservatory floor in Norwich watching them in her garden) and a keeper of African hedgehogs in the US. I’ve had several over the past 20 years and make a real effort to enjoy them as an interesting creature instead of as a “pet” — the whole American “pocket pet” craze annoys me very much as it infantilizes capable creatures with lives of their own and causes a lot of neglect. Anyway, thanks also for your great efforts on behalf of UK hedgies.

    1. hedgehoghugh Says:

      thanks Jaz – I really appreciate your thought in this area … and I do make a fuss to make people think – and did, in fact, have a great time with the pet keepers in the US – a wonderfully generous and mad bunch of folk … read all about it in The Hedgehog’s Dilemma … or if you are over this side of the pond, A Prickly Affair!

      1. JAZ Says:

        I’ve ordered your book and I’m very much looking forward to it. I’m glad the usual price of hedgies here (~150 quid) keeps most people from buying them on a whim, and hope that stays the case in the UK too. The good/bad news is that if people let African ones loose in the UK, they won’t survive to compete with the natives… that sort of introduction overrun has destroyed many species elsewhere.

  9. Jude Says:

    Love your Blog! I live in France and never new what ‘hedgehog’ was in French until I read your December post – about the Hedgehog whisky! Unfortunately we don’t have any heggies around us – not enough hedges and very rocky. We make up for it with red squirrels.

  10. Jill Richardson-Jones Says:

    Thank you so much for the joy I had in reading of your “Prickly Affair” with hedgehogs. Whilst studying for a City & Guilds diploma in Gardening, I had to write and ultimately deliver an illustrated talk on the hedgehog and became both fascinated and ‘in love’ with these charming little characters – so again thank you, your book has given me a chance to learn more about them – a wonderful retirement occupation!

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