Pip has chicken pox – so we are having a quiet Sunday around the house and garden. He snoozed on me while I read a book I am reviewing … hammocks are an essential component of any book-reviewers toolkit. And the book, Four Fish by Paul Greenberg is brilliant – I shall say so in the New Scientist fairly soon. He has tackled humanities idiotic behaviour when it comes to fish in a delightfully engaging way … you don’t realise quite how stupid so many people have been until he starts to conclude … ‘If humans are at root rational creatures…’ he asks … now there is a question.

But the hedgehog mummy … well, due to Pip’s poorliness I am sitting inside with him while he listens to a story and I browse the web. Ebay – every now and then, when I am, like now, in limbo between work and play, I will browse through the site and see what hedgehoggy things are on offer … and then this – the pinnacle of a moment. As the UK begins to remember what life was like under the Thatcher government, already people are preparing for the austerity to come, and with it, great ingenuity.

The title was eye-catching …

Mummified Hedgehog Scientific Study Fossils

and then I clicked on it …

Someone is selling hedgehog roadkill as a ‘mummy’ hedgehog. There is a starting price of £15, which displays a great deal of confidence in the dead-hedgehog market … one that I am not entirely sure is warranted. But I am willing to be proven wrong … could this take off? Could it become the next big thing – never mind hedgehogs as pets – why worry about all that feeding and cleaning – the health and heating bills? You want that genuine hedgehog thrill without the work? Why not get a dead hedgehog!

burnhambadger is nothing if not diverse as a seller – his/her other items for sale include jelly moulds and plumbing  fittings.

I am strangely thrilled by this discovery … if only I had found this before I had finished A Prickly Affair / The Hedgehog’s Dilemma … but I think it might percolate into my standup routine (which may be restricted to the shower).

Now I must soak the boy in calamine.