There is a wonderful gadget on the web – google alerts – you set it to alert you to the appearance of key words when they appear. So, obviously, I have ‘hedgehog’, my name and the names of my book (A Prickly Affair / The Hedgehog’s Dilemma). Occasionally this throws up wonderfully unexpected things – as it did today with a contribution to the latest edition of The headline, ‘Hedgehog translates into a livable design with grey water recycling’, was irresistible. And the image of a potential hedgehog-inspired building made me think it was time to try and find one for real.

All of the pvc spikes are light diffusers, and the copy of the article is delightfully clearly translated  – here is a sample:

“Designed by Cheungvogl architects, the Hedgehog concept of building is wrapped with the a skin that has been made of high gloss finished PVC sticks. These sticks, owing to their virtue of diffusing light, are called “Light Diffusers.” The skin of high gloss PVC sticks appear like golden-silvery shimmering rain. But, when seen from a close distance these PVC sticks become almost invisible. The direct sunlight is reflected due to the presence of light diffusers and reaches the interiors as diffuse or as we can say soft welcome light.”

And then, by complete coincidence, another architectural event with spines – the UK pavilion built for the World Expo in Shanghai has won a prestigious international architecture award. The BBC has a story about it here. Though for some reason they think it is inspired by a porcupine.

Hedgehogs are everywhere.