Very exciting post this morning – just got a dvd from Tony Yeadon at Serendipity Pictures. A few weeks ago we went to Vale Wildlife Rescue to film this short piece with a hope of getting a commission … and I thought it would be fun to let more than just a few commissioning editors have a look.

Very rarely have I done anything quite like this – and I am learning. So, I would welcome comments and criticism – there is no point me pursuing this if the general consensus is that I will just frighten livestock.

So have a look, and please let me know. And if you are a commissioning editor … give Serendipity a call!

And to make it absolutely clear … this is PRETEND … I picked the hedgehog up as soon as I had finished and it went back in to the rescue centre. Hedgehogs out in the day are probably poorly (or being used as a stunt animal in a hedgehog-related drama).