I am quite amazed – the number of hedgehog stories that the press can tolerate is remarkable. Just today I have a piece on the Ecologist website and in the Western Morning News. To top it all, I have been booked to appear on Saving Species – BBC Radio 4’s new natural history  programme on Tuesday 13th April … live on Radio 4 .. do they know what they have let themselves in for? The producer was telling me that I would have 5 minutes and that there will be questions leading me along … Questions?? They would be interruptions!

My John Craven excitement is being broadcast on Sunday at 1815 on BBC1 – evening making it onto the blog.

Will there be more? Hope so – though now I am preparing for the talk in Oxford on Thursday … oh, and working.

Easter held no hedgehog excitement – but I still had fun. Pip got to meet a new born lamb:

and Mati got to walk with my gorgeous fairy-odd daughter: