early morning, I have a spurt of energy and decide to use it up on a new post … but then Pip (age 3) decided I would be a suitable alternative for his climbing frame – and is now sitting on my shoulders … and wobbling, deliberately, every now and then, just to send my heart racing. But I really wanted to share a little bit of excitement – the treatment for my next book is taking shape. There have been a number of very delightful connections – tonight I am going to see a botanist, who has written a wonderful book about Robins, play the Lark Ascending – and tomorrow I spend in the company of a bumblebee man – all this after I managed to identify the rather well-hidden Vole Woman …
And as if that was not enough, I have my first visit to the Hay book festival on Friday … I am more on edge about this presentation than any other. But it was nice to get noted:


you have to scroll all the way to the end … and then you will see why I was excited.

And I am using all these dots again … dot dot dot – for those who have seen Mama Mia, this made laugh. My 6 year old daughter, Mati, was looking over my shoulder as I read a story to her, one that included … I treated it as the pause it was, but she said, no, you missed that bit – dot dot dot – I was obviously confused so she repeated herself – ‘dot dot dot – it is what they did in the olden days’!!!