Just occasionally I feel a small amount of sympathy for politicians – the first time was when I did ten local radio interviews back to back from the BBC Oxford studio … there were only going to be nine and just as I was about to take the ten minute break another station snatched me up … can’t complain really, all great publicity. And this morning – well, I managed to get two children breakfasted, pack lunch made and dishwasher emptied and loaded, as well as do two interviews, all before 0830! Then BBC Oxford for an entertaining session with Jo Thoenes – and after the quickest cycle back yet, I will have to head back up to the BBC for a TV interview in a few minutes … 

Oh – and the Telegraph –


My favourite bit has to be “Meet 42-year-old Hugh Warwick, an otherwise normal father-of-two” … what makes them think I am ‘otherwise normal’!!

More soon – will post a review from the LA times when I get a chance.