November 2008

So Chepstow bookshop organised an event for me last night – a great little indy and over 100 people turned up to hear me meander around the subject of hedgehogs – my first book-signing event – me and a little table and a queue of people. I felt really rather happy … but then found out that the week before they had had Alan Titchmarsh speaking there and had over 200 people – bahh.

And tonight Blackwells in Oxford – then home, pack bag and get a coach at 3am to get me to the Eurostar for a 0553 … what was I thinking when I booked that ticket? There is quite possibly a portion of me that is a self-flagelist … no other explanation. 

I think that there is going to come a point in the near future when I just collapse … hope I can last until xmas – at least there will then be another adult about to assist … but for now all I crave is sleep – and will have to make do with an espresso …

at least some of the most heavenly music is percolating through my soul – ein Deutsches Requiem – the sublime Berlin Phil.



Just occasionally I feel a small amount of sympathy for politicians – the first time was when I did ten local radio interviews back to back from the BBC Oxford studio … there were only going to be nine and just as I was about to take the ten minute break another station snatched me up … can’t complain really, all great publicity. And this morning – well, I managed to get two children breakfasted, pack lunch made and dishwasher emptied and loaded, as well as do two interviews, all before 0830! Then BBC Oxford for an entertaining session with Jo Thoenes – and after the quickest cycle back yet, I will have to head back up to the BBC for a TV interview in a few minutes … 

Oh – and the Telegraph –

My favourite bit has to be “Meet 42-year-old Hugh Warwick, an otherwise normal father-of-two” … what makes them think I am ‘otherwise normal’!!

More soon – will post a review from the LA times when I get a chance.


This was slightly confusing:

claiming, as it does, to be written by someone I have never met. Fortunately the journalist I met, Chris, phoned to explain that the paper did not want it to appear that they had only one contributer – so turned him into Wendy. Still not sure how to take the line:

‘Hugh Warwick, an otherwise normal father of two…’

I will post some of the reviews and comments soon … just to show that some people have been busy reading.

oh – and this was my first post … rather pleased with getting on with it – and while I might not manage the prolific heights of Stephen Fry

how does he do that? Though I am guessing the lack of two small children probably helps!